Security has been one of the essentials of every business due to increasing crimes and therefore, the building sites and constructions have also introduced building site security systems to ensure that no material is stolen from the site. It has been researched that almost one billion dollars’ worth of the materials are stolen from the construction. Therefore, the construction managers have understood the importance of the solar CCTV security systems and are opting for it.

Security cameras:

Every building site has its own kind of security requirements and therefore, it is recommended to get the experts on your site who can guide you about what kind of security is needed at your site. Most of the time the basic security layer includes the installation of the cameras which can record the movement of the construction crew and all visitors. Although not all the buildings sites have access to the Wi-Fi nor have the power therefore, such surveillance cameras are installed which are able to work without the power. These cameras have been designed to store the feed continuously in high quality and these are connected to a system through which these could be monitored as well as controlled.

Alarm systems:

Another significant important building site security system include the alarm systems. The smart alarm systems have been designed to work with the surveillance system installed on the construction site, the cameras detect any unauthorized activity or intruder and then triggers the alarm. Standalone alarm systems could also be installed in which every member of the crew is aware of the code and when someone enters they enter the code but if an intruder enters then he is not able to enter the code and the alarm is set off. In some other cases, the alarms could be enabled at off hours when no one is allowed to enter the building site, in these cases when anyone either the authorized or unauthorized person enters the perimeter the alarm is set off.

 Access control building site security systems:

Intruders are always in pursuit of the entries and exit of the building sites which are not monitored by the cameras and not have alarm systems enabled such as the back doors or the door from the parking. The access control system helps the construction manager to identify all entry and exit points and therefore, control the people going from these areas. Mostly only one or two entry and exit points are kept open whereas others are kept closed and no one is allowed to use these unless in case of emergency.